How to Write Strategic Grant Proposals for Research Collaborations

Wondering how to write a strategic and compelling collaborative research grant proposal? Mark your calendars! I will be presenting on this topic with my colleague, Damiana Chiavolini (from UT Southwestern) in San Diego this November. Join us!

AMWA Conference 2019
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
November 8, 2019, 9:00 – 10:30 am
San Diego, CA

Whether a research question will be explored at the bench, in the clinic, or in the community, funders allow or, increasingly, expect funding proposals to involve shared leadership. Sometimes, an interdisciplinary approach to a question demands team science involving the collaboration of multiple research teams across institutions and countries, while other questions require researchers to combine forces with community stakeholders to perform patient-centered outcomes research or other community-engaged research. The savvy funding seeker realizes that the collaborative and shared-leadership models that support the execution of this research introduce an element of perceived risk not found in the lone-researcher model, and reviewers need assurance that the benefits of the proposed approach outweigh the risks. Learn about common collaborative models and about how to develop strategic grant proposals that will get your team funded. Funding opportunities discussed will include NIH, PCORI, and CPRIT MIRA.

Presented by Kelly Byram, MS, MBA, ELS of Duke City Consulting with Damiana Chiavolini, MS, PhD, of UT Southwestern Medical Center. For details about this session and more information about the American Medical Writers Association Conference 2019, visit the conference web site.