Don’t Let COVID-19 Derail Your R&D Funding

One major part of funding R&D with grant or non-dilutive funding is understanding the timeline for this sort of funding. While academic researchers can be accustomed to the slow pace of the process, it can feel glacial for startups accustomed to moving at the speed of pharma. But there’s no denying this: the benefit of non-dilutive funding can definitely outweigh the advance planning required to make it happen.

COVID-19 has put clinical trials for other diseases on hold to conserve resources and safeguard the health of vulnerable populations. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has NOT put a hold on funding for research—including clinical trials. The wheels keep turning, if not as systematically as usual.

So, if you are a small business or academic lab in need of funding for your research, don’t stop applying for funding during the COVID-19 lock down! Although your lab may be closed now, it will re-open and require funding to operate in the coming months. Check out our Find Funding page, updated every Friday. And, if you are seeking funding for COVID-19, global funding resources can be found here.

We at Duke City Consulting are experts at working with teams to secure R&D funding. Whether you need a grant writer or editor to help you pull your application together, or a grant pro to temporarily manage your grant project, contact us.